*Mini Task #3

*Sunday Response:

I wasn”t in class when the assignment was assigned but when I had time during the day on Thursday, I read the assignment. And my mouth literally dropped. The first words “This could be the toughest task of the semester, I immediately though, ohhh Mann this is about to be a tough and rocky week. All the beginning questions introduced in the beginning of the assignment I answered to. My phone is my life. I don’t use it for anything but texting and pictures. (& of coarse keep in touch with my family & friends). I decided for my assignment, I would put away my laptop evade I feel like if I even tried to put my iPad or phone away, it would of been an epic fail. For today, not having my laptop made me feel excluded. I used my laptop today just to type up my paper and was so tempted to go on the Internet, but I refused. When I’m on my laptop, I always tend to go on Facebook before I begin my work.

*Monday Response:

Today my day was really busy because I went home and I forgot my laptop and iPad at school so I had no way of using it. Plus, for some reason the wi-do was disconnected at my house so my iPad and laptop would of both been no help to me anyway. I was at work for most of the da so it was easier for me to adapt to the new task without realizing.

*Tuesday Response:

Day 3 without my baby. Today I woke up with a text from the school saying that there was no school. Usually, I would of woke up and checked the weather using my laptop to see if there was school or not. During this project, to make things a little easier, I am trying to avoid using my IPad as much. I can’t wait till this assignment is over and done with. I am really trying to work hard while going a whole week without my laptop, that”d defiantly be a record.

*Wednesday Response:

Day 4 and I am going nuts. I miss being on my laptop at night checking my Facebook and uploading pictures. It’s so tempted being on my laptop at night while typing a paper when I usually take little breaks and hurry and go on Facebook to check any notifications or to simply scroll up and down on my timeline. I am already going 4 days strong so I am not trying to ruin it for myself, i got this !!

*Thursday Response:

I didn’t bring my laptop around today because I knew it wasn’t needed. I wet to class and then from there, I went straight to work until 10 so I had to time to go on my laptop anyway to browse around the Internet.

*Friday Response:

Today I sort of misplaced my laptop because I was cleaning my room. I had work in the morning to the mid-afternoon and when I came back, my room was still a mess and my laptop was still missing. I later found my laptop hiding under my bed. I was wicked tired anyway from the day so I found no temptation to check my Facebook on my laptop anyway. Getting wi-fi to work before going on the Internet is always a hassle.

*Saturday Response:

Today is my last day of this torture and I can’t be more happier. I am so relieved that I have gone a whole week without using the Internet features on my laptop. To be able to go the whole week without using the Internet on my laptop is crazy. That is what I use at the end of the day every nightt. This assignment has taught me not to rely on certain things like a laptop, or a phone so much. I realize now how much I rely on technologies and from all 3 mini tasks I’ve learned a lot about myself and wha I’m capable or not capable of doing.


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