Small Potatoes, Chapter 8

First, to begin with, I was very interested in Levinson’s discussion about this topic. First and foremost, my experience with Myspace was interesting because I felt like i was addicted to this site for a bit of time. But now that I look back at my experience I see Myspace as a very immature site. […]

Foursquare & Hardware: Chapter 7

Foursquare is not as known compared to Facebook or Twitter. Foursquare only exists on smart phones, and not on laptops. Foursquare is known to be a site where you check in telling the world where you are located. As humans we have adapted to technology progressing. In our generation with all the technology progressing, so […]

Chapter 10 ( Politics and New New Media)

In Chapter 10, Levinson discusses about President Obama’s campaign. He includes and describes the methods that are used to attract the audience. As a reader, I witness the ways the new new media has played in our society in the rise of multiple political organizations. Levinson then discussed on the way that new new media […]

The Dark Side of New Media: Chapter 9

In this chapter, Levinson goes on to discuss the negative sides of new new media. Levinson discusses and includes many topics about the fears of our society. These topics include bullying, Flaming and Trolling, Online Gossipping and Cyberbullying, Tweeting and Terrorism, Spam, Craiglist Bank Heist, Overreaction, and Cyberstalking. levinson first starts his discussion about guns […]

*A Story of A Suicide..

The Story of A Suicide By Ian Parker The story was so interesting. It’s crazy to think how much new media plays a crucial role in allowing events to happen, especially suicide. Suicide is one of the most concerns that new media plays on people. A lot of social media sites give the ability to […]

*Levinson: Twitter Response

First and foremost, I love Twitter and all the possible feautures that you can do on it. Twitter is what is slowly taking over Facebook. Even though Facebook has a billion users, I may think a good amount of their people attract older adults nowadays. A good amount of the participants on Twitter seem to […]