*Mini Task # 1

*Sunday, January 27th

10:30am—alarm rang. I instantly checked my phone to check the time and to check to see if I had any missed calls/text messages. This is the first thing I do every morning before getting out of bed. I got a text from my best friend. I replied to her quickly and then finally got out of bed. done at 10:35am

11:15am—Visiting Twitter by using my iPad. Typed a couple tweets. Browsing down on my TL (timeline) to see any updates on anything (nothing new). done at 11:25am

11:30am—Texting my best friend, back and forth for some time.

11:37am—Back on Twitter. My friend Bridget calls so we can both figure out a good time to go to breakfast. Meanwhile, I go on Facebook to see if I have any notifications. I notice a couple invites to games featured on Facebook and also I reply to a couple messages from a friend back at home. done at 11:50am

11:50am—Check my Regis email. Curious to see if I have any new important messages. A couple messages from my Religion Professor informing us about next class. Back on Twitter. Typed a couple of tweets.While getting ready, listening to Pandora (Frank Ocean station). done at 12:15am

12:15pm—Walking to the Regis cafeteria while texting my best friend.

12:35pm-Checked out my WordPress blog to see if I had any new comments or new followers. done at 12:45pm.

1:45pm—At work, bored and back on Twitter. Scrolling down my timeline, anxious, curious to see what is going on. Phone call from Mildred to tell me that she is coming to visit me at work, thank God. done at 1:50pm.

1:57pm—Back on Facebook for a little bit. Facebook sends me a notification to my iPad informing me that my friend Mildred added a photo of me on Facebook, oh man. I go check the picture of me quickly, comment and then log out. I give my dad a quick phone call to see how he is doing. done at 2:05pm

2:05pm—checked my Facebook again for any new messages, comments. A comment left by my cousin. After that I scrolled down on my news feed. Viewed some of my friends back home pages. A lot has changed I guess. done at 2:10pm

2:15pm—Still on my IPad. This time, I’m exploring Word press to see what else I can do for my blog. Then I begin to explore with the appearance of my blog. Very confusing, logged out. done at 2:30pm

2:45pm—Still bored at work. Browsing the Internet. Search on Google: “How do you find the number of electrons in an atom?” Click on the Facebook tab to message my sister, I miss her. done at 3:15pm

3:20pm—Text from my best friend. I replied to her text. done at 3:23pm

3:40pm—Time is flying by. Checked my phone to see the time. done at 3:40pm

3:48pm—Back on Twitter. Mildred calls, she’s on her way to visit. done at 3:57pm

4:07pm—Back on Facebook when what I really should be doing is study for Chemistry. So distracted, it’s becoming a problem. Texting my best friend. done at 4:15pm

4:30pm—Studied for a good 15 minutes. Then I was tempted to go back on Twitter and Facebook…bad choice. Message from my cousin Evelyn. Google is so helpful to me. Back on Google to search for more videos to help with my homework. This time I’m searching up “How to  get the number of valence electrons?” Using YouTube to view videos demonstrating the method used to figure out the number of valence electrons in each atom. done at 5pm.

5:00pm—I immediately get a call from my best friend . She won a $100 scratch ticket, congrats to her! Then again, I’m not surprised, she always wins. done at 5:10pm

5:15pm—Walking back to my dorm after a long day. In the meantime, I downloaded the Word press app on my IPad to making posting posts a little easier.(IPad battery went from 73% to 44%) done at 5:20pm

5:30pm—Before I go to dinner, I check to see how much homework I have left to complete. In order to finish my Chemistry homework, I go back on YouTube to search for more videos. Check Regis email. Meanwhile, my cousin Ernest texts me to check up on me. Back and forth conversations with him. done at 5:40pm

5:50pm—Back on Facebook first, and then Twitter. At this time, I realize how much of a distraction Facebook and Twitter are to me while I attempt to study. done at 6:00pm.

6:20pm—Back on Google. Search: “How does someone measure mole?” done at 6:30pm

6:30pm—Went to dinner with friends. Meanwhile, I am texting my best friend again. done at 7:00pm

7:20pm—Back to studying. While studying, I am tempted to click on the Twitter icon again. I check to see if I have any new messages and new followers. I type a couple tweets about my day. One message from my cousin. I reply to her and continue to study. done at 8:45pm

9:00pm—Watching Lifetime while studying for Chemistry. Constantly on my phone also (addicted, can’t put it down).

9:35pm—Call from my dad to check up on his favorite daughter, but what’s new? done at 9:43pm

10:00pm—Back on Twitter, scrolling down on my timeline. Post a couple tweets about my day and then I log out.

10:30pm—Done with Laundry. Bring my phone to text one of my friends back home. done at 10:35pm

11:00pm—Studying for Chemistry. Call Lana to see how things are with her. done at 11:25pm

11:25pm—Off the phone with Lana. Check both Facebook and Twitter one last time before bed. done at 11:30pm

11:30pm—Using my phone. Setting alarm clock to wake me up in the morning.

What a long day, Good night everyone !

*Monday, January 28th

9:30am—Ofcoarse when I have my day off, when I have no classes, my alarm goes off way to early, I need sleep ! First thing I did was check to see if I have any text messages, none. done at 9:32am

9:33am—I go on Twitter by using my IPad to check notifications (8 hrs ago, I got a new follower, yay me!) I scroll down my timeline for a lil & then I send a good morning tweet to all my followers. done at 9:37am.

10:39am—Text message from my bestie as I am walking to breakfast. done at 10:43am

10:45am—Breakfast–pack some yogurt with pieces of granola. Constantly on my phone, texting my best friend back and forth while walking to the fitness center where I work.

11:00am—I clocked in at work by using the computers that are provided.

11:03am—Sitting at the desk in front of Fitness center. Using computer to make sure the cameras are set and ready. done at 11:04am

11:05am—IPad ringer goes off because of a Facebook notification about an event, I click on it because I am curious. View the event, not interested. Log out of facebook. done at 11:08am

11:08am—Decide to check my Regis email, like I do every morning to see if I had any new notifications. Couple messages from health services and student program and leadership explaining about events happening. done at 11:10am.

11:10am-12:11pm—Homework and Studying time. All electronics need to be away.

12:12pm-12:19pm. I get bored easily at work. I tempted to check my Twitter. I browse through Twitter. I tweet quickly and retweet some interesting tweets.

12:20pm-12:26—Back and forth conversation on Twitter with friends, clearly distracted.

12:27pm-Check Regis email to check Banana Republic work schedule for the following week.  done at 12:30pm.

12:30pm—Back on Twitter to wish Bridget a happy birthday ! done at 12:33pm

12:36-1:00pm—Back to studying, taking notes, meanwhile, I am on my IPad using Google again to look up information for extra help on my Chemistry homework: “How do you figure out the number of electrons?” I get confused so I give my Chemistry professor a call. Talk for about 5 minutes because I know I will see her soon for extra help.

1:07pm—Walk to Professor McQuaid’s office to get extra help from Chemistry test while playing with my phone by scrolling through old messages. Then I Call Lana so that we can meet up to get help together.  Done at 1:30pm

2:00pm—Grab my phone to set up my alarm clock, taking a 30 minute nap before work…much needed!

2:30pm—Wake up. Check to see if I have any unread text messages. Getting ready for work. Pandora on blast, jamming. done at 3:00pm

3:30pm—Walk to Regis cafeteria for a take-out. Text from Mildred. I reply to her message. done at 3:35pm

3:45pm—Grab food from cafeteria: Salad with sliced chicken with a Ham and Swiss cheese sandwich. I’m officially ready for work. done at 4:00pm

4:05pm—I am off to work at the Natick Mall—Banana Republic

4:25pm—Quick call to my dad to check up on him before work begins, my best friend. Done at 4:30pm

4:30pm—Clock in at work by using the computerized system hanging on the wall.

8:00pm—Midway break (15 minutes). First I check my phone to see any missed text messages, none. Then, I checked my Regis email for any new messages. Quick call to Momma Victoria to see if she is feeling better. done at exactly 8:15pm (Back to work)

10:00pm—Done with work. Walk over to the computer to clock out. I grab my belongings. Then, I check to see what text messages or calls that I have missed. Missed call from my sister Natasha. I call her back quickly to see what was up. done at 10:15pm

10:45pm—Home from work. Exhausted. Getting ready for bed. Check both Twitter and Facebook one last time before bed. done at 11:00pm

11:00pm—Set alarm clock for the morning. done at 11:15pm

Good night !

Tuesday, January 29th

8:25am—Must of overslept, alarm went off twice, oops! Checked my phone for time, it read 8:25am. Noticed a smiley face on the top of my phone (missed text message), it’s been awhile. Text message from Cindy, meeting up for breakfast.

9:00am—Went to breakfast to meet up with friends.

9:25am—Walk to class, using my phone to check my Twitter. done at 9:29am

9:30am—Religion class starts. Religion texting whatsoever.

9:45am—Check email during class. Email from my boss from work. I replied to her message quickly. done at 9:47am

10:30am—Tempted to check my phone to check the time (no new text messages at that time) done at 10:31am

10:41am–Class ended, picked up phone to call Cindy. Cindy picked up to let me know she was waiting for me at the Science Building before class (still no text messages at the time) done at 10:43am

10:51am—Almost the start of my New Media class. Went on Word press to see if I had any new notifications/followers/comments (A comment left from Professor Armstrong). Word press notifies me that I have 10 new followers, wooho ! At the same time, I am browsing and trying to understand the features of Word press. Still a little bit confusing for me, failing. done at 10:57am

11:00am—Back on my IPad. Beginning of class. Back on Word press on my professor’s blog to check for any new information. Professor Armstrong is explaining about Mini Task #1. I am needed to present the following week. I take notes while he is discussing the guidelines using the “Notes” icon on my iPad making sure I am prepared when I present to the class. done at 11:15am

11:19am—Check the time with my phone, little curious.

11:45am—Check Moodle quickly for any new notifications (None). done at 11:47am

12:00pm—Using the internet, specifically Google. Looking up healthy eating tips: “benefits of drinking water to help lose weight” done at 12:08pm

12:15pm—End of class

1:03pm-Lunch time

1:12pm—Library (checks phone for time) Texts bestie quickly. done at 1:14pm

1:15pm—On Internet again. Back on Moodle using the Library computers, checking Chemistry information. Print out study guide for test. Then I print out the lab report due the next day.

1:16pm—Quickly text my friend Bridget to figure out birthday plans for Thursday. done at 1:17pm

1:18pm—Using the library computers, I check my Regis email to check to see if I had any new mail, etc. Using the tabs already open, I quickly go back on Moodle.

1:21pm—Click on the Google tab already opened, and search up measurement and Density problems. done at 1:45pm

1:45pm-3:00pm—Studying time, *No IPad, or phone out—huge distraction* I then decide to call my dad to see how he is. We talk for about 10 minutes and I continue to study after that.

3:15pm—Back in my dorm. Time for a nap before my night class. Once again, I set my phone alarm for 4:00pm. done at 3:17pm

4:05pm—Call Lana to meet up for dinner at 4:20pm. done at 4:08pm

4:36pm—Text my friend Leonora to meet up at dinner. done at 4:37pm

4:42pm—Check my phone. New message from Leonora. Reply to Leonora’s text, she is on her way. done at 4:44pm

5:00pm—On my way to Chemistry class for an open study session with the class. Back on Moodle to look at the study guide once more before the test starting at 5:30pm. I text  my brother to see what is new with him, he replies and then I inform him that it’s not a right time to text because I am going to take a test soon, he wishes me luck…*end of conversation* done at 5:15pm

5:20pm—Check both Facebook and Twitter once more before I start the test. Done at 5:22pm

5:30pm-7:05pm—Test time–FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS !

7:10pm—Check my phone to see any missed calls (Missed call from my little sister). Return my sister’s phone call. Talk for some time. done at 7:15pm

7:18pm—Gym time with Lana. Use my phone to go on Pandora to listen to my favorite artist, Frank Ocean. done at 8:30pm

9:15pm—Homework. Before I do that, I check my Twitter again for any new notifications. 2 more followers. I follow both back and return back to my work. done at 9:25pm

10:50pm—Set my alarm for the next morning. done at 10:52pm

11:00pm—Check Twitter once more before bed. Nothing new. Post a “Good night” tweet. done at 11:55pm

Good night !

Wednesday, January 30th

7:45am—Alarm goes off

8:05am—Checked my phone. Recieved a good morning text from my best friend. I reply to her quickly.

8:20am—Bestie replies back and I also do the same. done at 8:22am

8:23am—Roomate then texts me to try to find her wallet that she misplaced. Reply to text, wallet found. done at 8:24am

8:25am—Roomate texts back, I reply. done at 8:26am

8:30am—Mildred Calls me for Breakfast

8:33am—Text from Roomie.

8:38am—Mildred calls me once more

8:40am—walking to Breakfast while texting my Roomie.

8:40am—Check Regis email before breakfast. done at 8:42am

9:22am—Off campus. Use phone to use the GPS navigation system to make my way to my destination. done at 9:47am

9:50am—Text from Bestie

10:00-11:00am—waiting for name to be called at the office. I play with my phone by going on Twitter, Facebook, or by checking my Email. I also look at old pictures from my gallery of my phone, interesting.

11:45am—Using GPS Navigation system to get back to campus. done at 12:15pm

12:20pm—Class at 12:30pm Check Moodle before class begins. done at 12:30pm

12:30-2:15pm—Nutrition Class—no distractions except check Moodle for latest PowerPoint listed by student in the class.

2:30-5:30pm—Reply to text messages that were missed then Library.

6:05pm—Call from Mommy, have a brief conversation about life. She then puts my sisters on the phone so we can talk. They have so much stuff to tell me, oh boy ! done at 6:20pm

7:00-10:00pm—No text messages. Homework. Started to get sleepy, deciding to go to bed soon.

10:30pm—Use phone to set alarm.

Been a very long day, Good night everyone !

Thursday, January, 31st

8:20am—Woke up and immediately checked my phone. New Message from my brother. Replied to his text quickly. done at 8:25am

8:50am—Pandora on blast while getting ready for the day.

9:05am—On my way to breakfast while replying to a few text messages.

9:20am—Off to my Religion class. Check Amazon to have an update from a book that I ordered for class. done at 9:25am

9:27am—Checked out my blog for new media class to see if I had any comments or new followers. done at 9:30am

9:30am-10:45am—No distractions, class in session.

10:46am—Call Cindy to meet up before new media class.

11:00am-12:15pm—New Media class. Check Andrew Sullivan’s blog to quickly look over for class discussion. Using IPad, switched to Facebook to read my news feed quickly.

12:15-12:30pm—Quick run to lunch before work starts at 1

1:00-5:30pm-Work—clock in using the computerized time clock

5:30pm-*15 minute break* I immediately check for any new messages (None). Then I check Regis email to check my next week’s schedule for work. Check Twitter and scroll down on timeline. Back to work. done at 5:45am

6:30pm—Out of work.

6:40pm—Quick phone call to Bridget. done at 6:42pm

7:00pm—Quick phone call to Mildred discussing mentalist show happening that night in the Fine Arts Center.

7:30pm—Getting ready, Pandora on blast. done at 7:55pm

8:05pm—Off to show, Call Mildred once more to meet up.

8:45pm—Call Cindy (no answer)

8:46pm—Call Bridget (no answer)

8:48pm—Call Carol. done at 8:50pm

8:55pm—Call Carol to sign me in the dorm hall.

9:15pm—Call Samantha. done at 9:18pm

9:20pm—Getting ready with friends. Texting my best friend to check up on her to see how she is doing. Did pick up another phone call from Samantha. done at 9:45pm

9:50pm—Taking countless pictures with friends using my friends iPhone 5. done at 10:15pm

10:20pm—Call Lana to let her know that we were leaving campus

10:35pm-2:00am—Leave campus. Girls Night out. Use GPS Navigation system. Did have a lengthy conversation with my best friend. Went to a late night dinner with friends at iHop. During dinner, I kept looking at my phone for new text messages. Limited texting.

3:30am—Text from my Roomie, Reply to her quickly while I walk back to my dorm.

A very, very long night. Good night !

Friday, February 1st

11:15am—Woke up late. Immediately checked my phone for missed text messages.

12:05pm—Getting ready. Listening to Pandora. For a change, I listen to the Beyonce station. done at 12:45pm

1:00-3:00pm—Work in the fitness center. Wanting to do homework but constantly distracted by Twitter and Facebook as I’m scrolling down on both my newsfeed and timeline using my IPad. Search a couple things on Google like always. Check my Regis email a few times while I am listening to music on my IPad.

3:00pm-5:00pm—Team Manager work, outside…too cold to text. I do get tempted to check my phone for the time a couple of times. Time really goes by slow when you’re not having fun.

6:45pm–Text a couple friends to see where they are. Meet up at dinner with friends.

7:30-9:00pm—Strictly studying/homework session.

9:30pm—Call my daddy. done at 9:45pm

10:00pm—Homework/Studying time. Slowly falling asleep, time for bed. done at 11:15pm

Saturday, February 2nd

11:00am—Woke up, Immediately checked my phone for any new messages. Missed text from my little sister from the night before. Quickly reply to her text. Check Twitter while browsing down on my timeline. Lazy in bed. done at 11:30am

12:00pm—Getting ready for the day. Pandora on blast. done at 12:45pm

1:00pm-5:00pm—Lunch time with Mildred. Straight to the Library to get work done. Checked Moodle a couple times while logging on to my Regis email. Few text messages back and forth with family and friends.

5:30pm-7:00pm—Dinner time with Mildred. Look at my phone a couple times to check time and text messages. Text my bestie and sister quickly.

7:00pm—Google. Searching up homework help again

7:30pm—Getting ready to go to the gym.

8:15pm-9:30pm—Gym workout. Listening to music on my phone while using Pandora.

9:45pm—Shower time. Text from a friend back home.

10:15pm—Attempt to study, fail. Defiantly time for bed, it’s been a very long day. Set alarm for the next day.

Good night everyone !


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