Uncle Arranging Boston Bomb Suspect’s Burial Rites

Wow !

CBS Boston

[worldnow id=8845232 width=385 height=288 type=video]

WORCESTER (CBS/AP) — The uncle of a Boston Marathon bombing suspect killed in a gun battle with police arrived at a funeral home Sunday to arrange for his burial.

Ruslan Tsarni of Montgomery Village, Md., and three other men met with Worcester funeral home director Peter Stefan. The men who accompanied Tsarni plan to wash and perform Muslim burial rites on the body of 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Stefan said.

Outside the funeral home, Graham Putnam & Mahoney Funeral ParlorsTsarni told reporters he’s not proud of Tamerlan Tsarnaev but there is no one else to take care of the burial. “I’m left alone to deal with this matter,” he said.

The soft-spoken Tsarni told reporters his religion tells him “this person needs to be buried.”

Tsarnaev, who had appeared in surveillance photos wearing a black cap and was identified as Suspect No. 1, died…

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