The Dark Side of New Media: Chapter 9

In this chapter, Levinson goes on to discuss the negative sides of new new media. Levinson discusses and includes many topics about the fears of our society. These topics include bullying, Flaming and Trolling, Online Gossipping and Cyberbullying, Tweeting and Terrorism, Spam, Craiglist Bank Heist, Overreaction, and Cyberstalking. levinson first starts his discussion about guns and the good and the bad. He discusses how they are very dangerous but then discusses that guns can be represented as good for protection. I really likes this analogy because it made me think about people and their negative actions. Also, because of new media, bullying has become an effect. I believe that this is true because no sites like Facebook have made it easier for people to become victims because a lot of people are very cruel over the internet.


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