*Levinson: Twitter Response

First and foremost, I love Twitter and all the possible feautures that you can do on it. Twitter is what is slowly taking over Facebook. Even though Facebook has a billion users, I may think a good amount of their people attract older adults nowadays. A good amount of the participants on Twitter seem to be business owners, and middle aged children as well. You don’t hear much of a parent having Twitter. As of May 2009, there are 32 million of users on Twitter. Imagine 4 years later, how much users on in it now? Levinson states that Twitter is growing faster than any other social medium. Twitter’s privacy is much better thann Facebook. Levinson points out that you can under cover yourself and put your name as anything the user likes. The good thing about Twitter is it’s ability to do whatever you please. You can post whatever is on your mind and people won’t care, until it gets to a point where its annoying. Twitter has been very helpful to business people and the news. The ability to “retweet” makes it so easy for things to get around. 


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