Levinson: Facebook

This chapter was a very interesting read. In the section titled, “Myspace vs. Facebook: Subjective Differences, Levinson states that “the principle is that we most love what we first experience”. Levinson makes a good point here. If we first experience and read a series and watch the movie, we won’t love it as much. But if we watch the movie first and then read the series, we won’t be as impressed. He then says that when you have a good amount of people on one site, your more likely going to use and like it more than the other. In the section listed Myspace vs Facebook: Objective Differences, Facebook has a much higher ratio of real-life friends than Myspace. Facebook is now popularly seen as a family-based site where families can go and connect with each other in an easier way. Another difference that Levinson brings up is that Myspace allows creators to decorate their profile with images, different colors, and sounds while Facebook is very general and everyone has the same layout which makes more mature people attracted to Facebook. Facebook has made some changes to their site allowing creaters to add a cover photo to their profile. Also, Myspace and Facebook both have “groups” who share and discuss different things, depending on the group. 


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