*The Facebook Resisters



By: Jenna Wortham; Published December 13, 2011

I actually really enjoyed this article. It was really interesting. This article makes a whole lot of sense.  I can relate with the author’s major points. To begin with, I am “friends” with a lot of people on Facebook but I have never seen them in person. In the beginning, the article illustrates Tyson Balcomb who quite Facebook after he rid the elevator with a women that he had never met before but knew her quite well through Facebook. Balcomb knew what her older brother looked like as well as where she was from. He felt like it was unhealthy. Now that I think of it, it is kind of weird. Because of the amounts of things people post, you begin to know the person virtually. I defiantly haven’t felt alienated. Like I said, I would never go as far as not calling my close friends or anything. To me, that’s going a little over board. It’s crazy because people have a better connection with people online than face-to-face conversations.

 I thought it was interesting to see how not having Facebook affects people. In the article, it states that a women actually missed engagements and pictures of newborn babies. Another good thing about Facebook is that they’ll actually remind you of upcoming events and birthdays which helps in one way or another. The article says that about “16 percent of Americans don’t have cellphones”. That means that 16 percent of Americans don’t care to communicate or stay in touch with people or simply just don’t care for a phone itself. So, in regards to that, Facebook doesn’t expect everyone to sign up and make an account. I mean Facebook is one of those accounts that people either love or hate. For the most part, people do love Facebook but there’s defiantly things that need to be worked on.  



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