Social Networking Sites: Public, Private or What ?



Social Networking Sites: Public, Private, or What ?

By: Danah Boyd 

Some people believe that social sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Bebo (which is unfamiliar to me) are corrupting the young youths live. They think that social sites are doing nothing but destroying them. This article specifically talks about social networking sites because public, private, etc. To create a profile on any one of these sites, the user is asked to represent themselves through their personal profiles. How they see themselves, teens post pictures, statuses, videos, etc. Social Networking sites aren’t really private. Unless someone sets their profile as private, then yes, the profile is private. But, for the most part, as far as I know, most people have their profile set as public. I am kind of surprised by that because anyone and anybody could view one’s profile and find a lot about someone because of the amount of information a usual profile contains. A lot of people’s so-called “friends” aren’t really their friends, just random people that “they know”. A lot of people just add people if they’re a friend of their friends. In addition, people like to be nosey and add people just to see what they’re doing. Public Safety is defiantly something that should be looked over because someone’s profile is their identity, who they are, where there from, and what they are doing.




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