*New Media, Old Media–Journalism

Personally, I rely on social media to find out the news I need to know. Twitter is my main source of information when scoping the news because one reason is that I visit Twitter a lot a people always feel the need to post news and tweet constantly about a special event that has occurred. The article states that “some 44% of online news users get news at least a few times a week through emails, automatic updates or posts from social networking sites”. I must say, as I mentioned before, I am defiantly part of that 44% who gets news most times of the week through social networking sites. He also stated that in 2009, Twitter’s monthly audience increased by 200%. This doesn’t mean that people do not use sources of old media. The article emphasizes that new media makes it increasingly possible for the actions of citizens to influence a story’s total impact. I really agree with the author here. The new media or new new media technologies make it a lot harder for old media, for example, people would rather go online to find a news article than scope out and read a traditional newspaper. The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism collect a year worth of data discussing the top news stories discussed and seven months’ worth on Twitter. Of the data, of the 29 weeks that they tracked all three social platforms such as blogs, Twitter and YouTube shared the same top story just once. They figured out that Twitter is a major focus. 


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