*Chapter 4: YouTube


YouTube is just one of those sites that became very popular in just little time. YouTube has been said to be one of the most popular video-sharing sites, ever. After reading Chapter 4 titled, YouTube in Paul Levinson’s book, New New Media, he mentions a lot of good points concerning YouTube. One of the most important points that stuck out to me was his paragraph named “Viral Videos Gone Bad”. It is defiantly true that YouTube users have been entitled to post videos where people have been beaten up. Levinson mentions that a video that portrays a beating can be easily removed from YouTube which is true and makes a lot of sense. People view these videos showing no remorse over the person but instead see violent videos as a source of entertainment. For example, the new video referred to as “Jaide Fight” (originally posted on World Star Hip Hop) shows a 15 year old girl getting beat up in a school locker room. When I looked at the number of views it read to almost 120,000 views. This video went viral where thousands of people viewed it and commented their own opinion. The power of YouTube is incredible. 


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