The Wayward press; The Amateur Hour– by Nicholas Lemann (2006)

This article was very lengthy but interesting. Nicholass Lemann wrote this article back in 2006.He discusses about blogging and how it can be associated with journalism. In his article, Lemann argues that the occurence of the well-known “citizen journalism” is over-hyped. Lemann states that citizen journalists are:

“supposedly inspired amateurs who find out what’s going on in the places where they live and work, and who bring us a fuller, richer picture of the world than we get from familiar news organizations, while sparing us the pomposity and preening that journalists often display”

He proposes a question to his readers and he argues: “what has citizen journalism actually brought us?” It’s an interesting question. He converses that real journalism may be well-known from blogging in large part because the real journalists have admittance to those in power and the resources to report stories of extensiveness and nuance for a period exceeding self-funded bloggers. Lemann believes that the internet itself is “the best reporting medium ever invented”.

Though I didn’t really agree with some of the stuff that he mentioned, this article was a great and interesting read.

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