*Whom can you trust online?

I thought about this question because I thought it was really interesting. In my opinion, I feel like with all the misinformation that the web can give, it’s hard for you to trust people, and especially sources of information. To begin with, especially on Facebook accounts, people create a lot of fake accounts and propose as someone else. I’m kind of getting off topic now but the new show catfish proves my point well. It is a show where individualities pose as another person where they create many different Facebook accounts just to be with someone. Nowadays, you see that people will talk to people online and create a strong love connection. But I always think to myself,”How does someone fall for someone online when they’ve never met?” Its hard to say that you can’t trust anyone, but in most cases that i have seen, people are not to be trusted online. Back to my concept of identifying reliable sources. Many sources online such as Wikipedia cannot be trusted because anyone and everyone can go on there whenever they choose and add in whatever they want. 

Overall, it’s really rare who can be trusted so be careful !

Pictured below: 

A picture captured from MTV’s new show, Catfish. The woman on the right just found out that she was in a relationship with a liar who told her she was someone else. His appearance and everything was different. This just proves that one cannot trust anyone online.



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