*Julian Assange Blasts Media, Accepts Journalism Award

An article titled, “Julian Assange Blasts Media, Accepts Journalism Award” written by Ed Silverstein, TechZone360 Contributor discusses about the controversial WikiLeaks site that has won a prestigious journalism award for Australia’s Walkley Foundation, as the site’s leader remains under house arrest. According to the AFP news service Editor, Chief Julian Assange took the time to criticize the establishment media soon after getting the award speaking via teleconference to a journalism meeting in Hong Kong. Assange stated that he will work to prevent the Internet from becoming a somewhere where people watch over others for governments and corporations  Assange claims that the internet is now the “most significant surveillance machine that we have ever seen.” Unfortunately, in England, Assange is now on house arrest. 

This was a very interesting topic to read about. According to this article, it looks like Assange is in big trouble. He works with Wikileaks which I found out is a web site intended to gather and share confidential information on an global scale.But, this is defiantly not the first time I heard of a story like this. I feel like stuff like this happens all the time. I feel like in America especially, we need sites like this because a lot of people believe that the government is hiding a lot of information from american societies. 





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