*Why New Media Literacy Is Vital for Quality Journalism

This article explains how easy it is to make a mistake. In the beginning, the author, Josh Catone explains the story on Mashable when on June 17, 2009, they made a mistake. Instead of using an “m” they used a “b” in a report about the volume of Twitter activity surrounding the #IranElection movement. Good thing, they had the opportunity to fix the error. On the other hand, within minutes,  Ann Curry of NBC News, tweeted the original (incorrect version to all her followers). This part of the article stuck out to me the most. I’m sure many people make mistakes through the web especially alot of journalists or “citizen journalists” to be exact. They sort of change up the story just to make it a little more interesting. Citizen Journalists are not professional so I’m sure their have been alot of false information posted on popular social media sites. As my professor mentioned in class, there has actually been journalists that have been fired for putting or writing false information. I think thats crazy that people have the effort to make up a story that never ever happened!


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