*What does it Mean to be a Citizen Journalist?

Yes, there is defiantly such thing as “Citizen Journalist”. According to the International Journalist’s Network Website, the article titled, “Lets rethink citizen journalism” states, “In journalism terms, the term “citizen journalist” conflates being simply a source of information with being a skilled aggregator, analyzer and filterer of information. Editorially, it often mixes activism with objectivity in a way that puts both in conflict with the other”. That defiantly clears away the definition of the term. But in my opinion, in simpler terms a “citizen journalist” is someone who reports information. Information that can be taken from the news, videos, a certain picture, etc. As a class, what we found is that citizen journalists are usually found on the internet. Many citizen journalists make use of blogs, streaming videos, podcasts and other Web-related advances. What we found to be popular is that people will actually videotape an event and post it on a site, such as in YouTube (sometimes even faster than news reporters). The key aspect of citizen journalists is that they enjoy making matters public so that everyone can see. They collect information and report it. New Media or “New New Media” technology, such as social networking sites have made citizen journalism more accessible to people worldwide. Even cellular phones have made citizen journalists known because that is how they get all their information by recording the event or even what is happening with societies.  Citizen Journalists love weighing in on America’s biggest issues and thats what I believe citizen journalists are all about. They are the ones that collect, spread and analyze news on blogs, wikis and sharing websites using all sorts of technologies: laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, tablets, and other mobile and wireless technologies.


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