In My Opinion…

Question: Consider what it means to accept money, as a private citizen, to write something on your blog.

Answer: In my opinion, as a private citizen, to accept money by writing something on your blog is pretty crazy to me. I guess blogging can becomes some people’s lives and how they make their money. I never knew that bloggers made money until now. I always thought that blogging was just a hobby to most people. Boy was I wrong. I wonder, “How much money does someone earn just to write a post?” Im assuming that people with well-known blogs are likely to get paid for their work and efforts. I could understand if someone helped someone sell their product by simply putting it into their blog makes sense because in some way or another, they are making money for the company. For instance, Amazon, to be exact. I know alot of people will comment under book reviews on purpose to recieve money from the auhor, or publisher for them to make money. It all makes sense to me. Posting a book review on your blog will make ones readers to click directly from your blog to Amazon to recieve more information about the book itself.



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