*Blogs VS. Old Media

Question #1: When it comes to sharing information, what advantages do blogs have over traditional ‘old’ media?  Where do blogs fall short?

Answer: Blogs have many advantages over traditional “old” media. To begin with, newspapers to me are old and commonly not used. There are so many other ways to get news nowadays, especially from social media sites. It is clearly shown that America especially has moven into the “all digital” format. Even books have been changed to just using a Kindle. People would rather recieve information from blogs, or social media sites than viewing newspapers. I believe that social media sites are defiantly the cause of old media decline. Blogs are part of the “New Media” aspects. Still, to make clear, blogs do rely heavinly on old media such as in newspapers and magazine. To name a few: BBC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post. it’s crazy to think that societies relied heavinly on newspapers to recieve information about events happening to relying heavinly on social media sites to get their news.

Question #2: Where do blogs fall short?

Answer: Blogs are very interactive. The biggest thing about blogs that bug me is that  people will actually post comments rude comments. They are free to write and express what they feel.



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