*Chapter 6: Blogging


If you really think about it, Blogging can be seen as a form of social networking. From what I’ve learned so far about blogging in my New Media class, that they are very interactive. Basically, blogging is a web page that contains multiple of different users who in fact interact with each other.  One’s own blog is in some way or another their own “inner voice” where they publish their thoughts on the web. Alot of times I see that people will post things that they found to be interesting or even something that they witnessed which blew their mind. Sometimes, I’ll also notice how much controversy gets involved with blogging. People will infact comment on their opinion of the person’s topic whether they agree with them or not. Sometimes positive, and even most times people can get really negative or as Professor Armstrong would say “nasty” over the web. First and foremost, they allow about anyone to leave comments though some people can actually control who can see their blog.

Blogs can typically vary from topic to topic, about a particular topic or even to a more personal post about themselves that is shown public or even worldwide. In Chapter 6, titled “Blogging”, Levinson explores and describes in-depth about the various types of blogs and what one could do with their own blog. There are so many things that you can do ! Before this class, though I had an idea, I wasn’t really aware how blogs worked. I am defiantly new when it comes to creating and making blogs, especially my own. Finally created my own blog through Word press and it seems pretty cool (kinda confusing, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it pretty soon !) I’ve witnessed and have seen various blogs online about various topics but I was never really sure how it worked. I also always thought, “What can I post in my Blog?”. Levinson says that someone can post anything they want in their blog.  I liked how Levinson showed how many features the blogging system has. To begin with, whats cool about blogging is that the blogger, or according to Levinson, in other terms such as a “citizen journalist”, the person has control to write about whatever they want. We discussed in class how the term “citizen journalists” means that one uses the new new media technology to  get the news out. Blogs dont always have to discuss about the news. Whether it has to do with new TV shows, celebrities, or even a movie, it is okay to post ! There doesn’t seem to be any rules when creating a blog which is also nice.

Blogs last forever. This is one of the things Levinson emphasizes when discussing about Blogging. Blogs can include pictures, or even videos which helps to understand and back up your topic. Like mentioned before, another great feature of the blog is that other people can actually comment on a person’s blog. Once the person publishes the blog, it can be viewed to anyone (unless the blogger moderates comments so that the aren’t posted automatically). According to Levinson, this allows the blogger to keep disruptive comments out of the blog, but he mentions that some moderation also slows pace of the blog. Levinson also adds that “the blogger becomes a gatekeeper in deciding whether to allow comments by others on the blog and if so, how to moderate them” (109). Some comments range from positive to negative which can sometimes be a little scary because you never know what someone is going to say.

In my own opinion, I  like the whole blog thing. I like how many features it has, I am excited to do more with my blog as time always me to do so.

It is very exciting to say that I have officially created my 2nd post on my very own blog ! (:





2 thoughts on “*Chapter 6: Blogging

  1. Your new format looks great! Glad to see you experimenting with the site. And I really appreciate what you said about not really knowing what you’d post if you had your own blog… it’s a common feeling. A little overwhelming at first, but hopefully it’ll start to feel more natural.

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