*Chapter 1*

After reading Chapter 1: “Why ‘New New’ Media?” from the book titled, “New New Media” (pictured below) written by Paul Levinson, many thoughts came to my mind. To begin with, I enjoyed how Levinson sort of walked the reader into two meaningful terms: “new media” verses “new new media”. Furthermore, I liked how Levinson explored between the two. Just from Chapter 1, Levinson helped me make sense of the galloping changes in media.  Medias such as Amazon and iTunes are referred to as “new media” while medias such as Facebook or Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Wikipedia or multiple blogging are considered not just “new media” but referred to as “new new media”. Levinson says he calls refers those types of medias as  “new new media”, “to distinguish the lack of power that new media such as Amazon and iTunes and The New York Times online give to producers versus the enormous power the ‘new new media,’ including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, put in everyone’s hands” (Page 2). Levinson encounters with the various forms including blogging, wikis, social sites like Facebook, Myspace and even Twitter. From an “internet girl’s” perspective, the chapter was very interesting to me because though I try to stay away from them, I use and view social sites such as Facebook and Twitter daily. He’s right, “new new media” seems to have taken control over society. Essentially, social media is very important especially in today’s generation. Levinson emphasizes that the “new new” media or in fact these technologies, are supplanting our attention & engagement & therefore transforming society as a whole. To conclude, I believe that Levinson is right, “new new media” seems to have taken control over society.

new new media


One thought on “*Chapter 1*

  1. good post! and clever use of an image, too.
    to your last point: what do you think about the control “new new media” have over our society? good thing, bad thing? mix of both? it’s what we’ll be talking about a lot this semester!

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